General Questions

CMS stands for Content management system. CMS greatly simplify the effort to create and maintain the web site. Put in simple words, you are able to update CMS-powered web site anytime anywhere. CMS is commonly used in medium and large organisations.

The idea of SiteWise comes from our observation that only very few clinics (who using ClinicWise) have a web site. Many had bad experiences with web design companies though:

  • Expensive, commonly around $5000 for design and about $50/month for hosting
  • Not satisfactory web design, the work is often done by amateurs (once the company got your deposit). For example, not display properly on iPad and mobile platforms.
  • Difficult and expensive to update web content, often slow and sometime ignored.
  • Not shown up in Google search results, some then will start charge you a big amount for setting up SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • ...

We built SiteWise CMS to address that.

Yes, of course. The purpose of SiteWise is to enable non-IT businesses to have a modern and functional web site, which is now becoming vital important to reach customers.

Your observation is right, SiteWise was initially built to help our ClinicWise customers, i.e., health clinics. The same benefits can apply to other businesses, as the technology and the purpose are the same.

Many health clinic business owners fall into the following two categories:
  • Little or no web knowledge, and just want to a low maintenance site.
  • IT literate, and want to spend time building a website with its own characteristic

However, the approach used in many CMS systems are hybrid, not fitting either type of customers. Some do this way intentionally so that they can charge the client all sorts of customisation fee.

A SiteWise web site, after setup, the most common skeleton pages are created, and the following pages are specially customised for you:

  • the Contact Us with Google Map are created
  • Social networking
  • Enquiry form
  • Footer for address, emails and phone numbers
  • Opening hours on home page and contact update (if applicable)

In other words, just fill in the content and the site is almost ready.

For advanced users, SiteWise CMS offers the ultimate flexibility: HTML editing and apply own style sheets.

No. All layout themes (also known as templates) are free for SiteWise customers.

We prefer not. As the web site design can be very subjective, the person to get what you want is yourself, or someone is close-by. While SiteWise comes with free template pages, it provide flexibility to allow users to edit web page in standard HTML and CSS. If you are too busy looking after day-to-day business operations, unable to find time learn HTML (quite easy) , I would suggest giving this tasks to your children, relative or friends. I know one customer site is maintained by the owner's 12-year old daughter.

Different from other web companies, we only hire top-class designers and programmers to provide the product serving all customers. In other words, dedicated service will not be cheap. As creating/maintaining web pages in SiteWise is using the standard web technologies, finding a trusty local IT provide might be better. Beside cost, the communication is also a important factor to consider.

We offer free email support for using the SiteWise CMS, the designing and web page content is outside our support. Please refer to the help page within the SiteWise.
No. We offer free subdomains. Let's say your business name is 'Perfect Dental', then the web address (URL) for your site can be 'http://perfectdental.sitewisecms.com'.
  • You sign up first
  • We set up a site on a temporary web address (see the question above)
  • You verify the site and start managing it
  • Follow the instruction we sent you in after setup email to login domain register (godddy, crazydomains, ...) to point the domain to our server
  • Wait a few hours (up to 1 day) for DNS propagation to complete
The main server is located in San Francisco, the backup server is in New York. Our high-performance cloud hosting platform is scalable, which means fast web sites for our customers.
No. We will continue to improve SiteWise and add more layout templates over the time, all free.

Payment Questions

Not at all. We have been releasing 'low price, high quality' products (such as TestWise, BuildWise, ClinicWise) since 2006. The reason we are able to do that is our super efficient software development practices.

Above all, there is no lock-in contracts and no any hidden charges.

Yes. We promise the fee won't increase above the inflation rate. In fact, we do better in practice, we kept the subscription fee for ClinicWise and SiteWise the same or made it lower since it launched.
Yes, you may cancel your account and receive a refund: the unused subscription (calculating from the next calendar month), minus $10 processing fee. The once-off set up fee is not refundable.

We don't have the referral program for SiteWise customers yet. However, if you are our ClinicWise customer, you will receive generous discount: 50% off set up fee, 25% off monthly subscription fee.